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i want to go home.

I miss home a lot… As usual. College is different than what I expected.. All I want to do is eat, sleep, and talk to my parents



today I just met this really cool guy named Jonny and he made me have hope that college is going to be alright.

plus i’m nervous for the future

i think I am just tired of being second best.

a little sad about college

people r just dumb and are into so many stupid things


Mikal Angeles

whats wrong with me

Anonymous: Can you or shuttersmiley please tell me why there is no such thing as racism against white people?


I have some questions for you, actually.

Are you systemically oppressed?

Do you have a history of genocide, enslavement and oppression which still actively leaks and informs your daily life and opportunities?

Is the worse discrimination you’ve experienced being called a cracker in the 6th grade?


Whoa, it does not stop


Racism against White people does not exist. Me calling you a cracker might hurt your feelings but it could never oppress you. Was never used to oppress you. Your history is being Oppressor, not the oppressed.

Meanwhile you calling me a racial slur only enforces the engraved white is right superiority that is literally seeped in everything, from beauty standards to a human value and innocence. All around the world.

You have a million and one links provided for you. Now go learn.

and then I have problems letting my problems out like I literally can’t tell my problems to people. Like I somehow won’t allow it. Like something in my brain just prevents me from wanting to tell people things cuz I’m scared